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We’re having a mystery knitalong!

Hey everyone! You may have already heard by now, but I’m super excited to announce that I’m hosting my first ever mystery knitalong! And it’s a shawl project! Introducing the Gambier Shawl MKAL 🙂


This design was inspired by the beautiful south-east region of South Australia. Think rolling plains, gentle breezes and the dappled light of lazy afternoons. The Gambier Shawl is the perfect project for TV knitting, with nothing trickier than garter stitch, stockinette and some simple recurring lace. But if you also like eye-catching knitwear that is highly wearable, then this is the shawl for you!

Ahh mystery knitalongs (or MKALs as they’re often abbreviated to) – who doesn’t love them? You get to knit something in the company of friends, enjoy the surprise of watching how your project unfolds, and each clue is like a little present, delivered straight to your inbox! Each Thursday for 4 weeks you’ll receive the next instructions so you can continue on your shawl knitting journey. We’ll be kicking off our projects with the first clue release on Thursday 8th June, but the chatter has already started in the Ravelry group, so come along and join in the fun!


This mystery knitalong pattern is currently available for pre-order. A special pre-order price of $4.00 is available until the first clue is released on Thursday June 8th, from which point the price will increase to $5.00. When the final compiled version of the pattern is released on Thursday July 13th, the price will increase again to $6.00.

I used Gum Blossom Yarns Platypus Merino Sock to design this shawl (a lovely soft yarn, dyed using natural ingredients), and in a 4 colour, monochromatic gradient. Depending on your gauge and choice of yarn, you will need approximately:
70g of Colour A,
55g of Colour B,
60g of Colour C and
65g of Colour D, based on the maximum amounts needed for test knit samples. However, you may wish to ensure you have at least 10% extra yarn to avoid running out

This glorious green gradient is in the Black Bean series. Each skein has been dyed using Black Turtle Beans, but through the use of different mordants, a range of hues is achieved. Cool, huh?? Gum Blossom Yarns are all absolutely beautiful, and I think you can feel truly good about supporting such an environmentally friendly and ethical business. You can still grab the same gradient kit to knit your shawl out of here, and definitely check out the other yarns in the shop! (I’ve got all the heart eyes for those soft pinks and greys!!)


Such pretty colourways!!!

If you’d like to choose your own yarns for this mystery knitalong, it’s recommended that you still try to construct a 4 skein gradient that moves from a lightest (Colour A) to darkest (Colour D) colourway. This is both because of specific design elements in the shawl, but also because a monochromatic gradient is one of the easiest ways to be sure your shawl will knit up beautifully. No matter the order of your yarns (and as it’s a mystery knitalong, you won’t quite know how the yarns will be used until you start knitting with them), the result is harmonious:

Copy of Copy of 1000px x 800px – Untitled Design (1)

Copy of Copy of Copy of 1000px x 800px – Untitled Design (1)

Copy of Copy of Copy of 1000px x 800px – Untitled Design

These are some of the individual colourways from Gum Blossom Yarns that I’ve put together to see how they work as a gradient. No matter what order I arrange them in, I like how they look, and this means that no matter how I need to use them in the shawl I should really enjoy the results! There’s also a distinct difference in saturation between the colourways, which means that even if I mix them, they won’t become muddied.

Now of course this is a recommendation, but by no means a rule! This is your shawl to play with and enjoy, so if there are any 4 colourways calling your name, then by all means please use them. I’m also happy help with deciding between specific yarns if you’d like to post them below or in the Ravelry group!

I can’t wait to see what you choose, and I hope you’ll come and join in the fun. Don’t forget to grab your copy of the pattern here, and join in with the chatter here! 🙂


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